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My sculptures speak of

foods we cherish,

Comforts of our youth,

I pluck ripe puns from

Tasty bits,

And shape them with my clay.

A dash of spice

Enhances flavor,

More pleasure for the palate.

I’ll just have a salad, please.

Plus the croutons, please,

No, not those little squares of toast, Those there! the ones that look

like donuts.

We gobble fact and fad.

Chew on righteous thoughts,

Fill ourselves with good intentions,

Subduing appetite,

Not desire.


Discussing Gluten Free Pancakes at Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton MA   3/2015

Food Sculptures


My materials are low fire earthenware, paper clay, commercial underglazes,  glazes, and ceramic paints.  My modeling technique is  handbuilding - slabs, molds, coils - combined with wheel thrown. I fire in the range of 1850 degrees, cones 04-06, oxidation. I improvise tools to help me simulate a stylized realism.  Some of the pieces contain infrastructure for stability. Conception and execution  is a  process of experimentation. Many works linger on the 'back burner' of my brain until I can figure out the right approach.

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